About Us

Showdown Series have brought you Grapplers Showdown, Kickboxers Showdown (University Combat League) and MMA Showdown throughout the past few years. With great success in all our events, we are now hosting the UK CHAMPIONSHIPS, which will be an annual event and open to all styles that we cover in our series.
Next year we will be introducing an ELITE Section at the UK CHAMPIONSHIPS where the top ranked competitors fromĀ our Showdown Series events through the year will be invited to compete for a cash prize. Best of the best in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, NoGi, Amateur MMA and Kickboxing.

We have great things planned for 2014 with Grapplers Showdown, Kickboxers Showdown and MMA Showdown and are grateful to all who have supported us since we started in 2008 with Grapplers Showdown.
Martial Art Events for Martial Artists by Martial Artists.